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kidney hyaline droplets pathology
Toxicologic pathology

Provide expert evaluation of your drug candidate.

Primary review and/or peer-review on rodent and non-rodent species.

Pathology reports including analysis of organ weights, macroscopic and microscopic findings.

Marine Carlus Pathology Consulting
Diagnostic pathology

Microscopical evaluation of surgical, incisional and excisional biopsies, fine needle aspirations, smears and other samples from domestic large and small animals or wild-life animals.

Carlus Pathology consulting
Evaluation of animal models


Our clients approached us when they need an evaluation of their engineered animal models.

Do not hesitate to do the same!

Carlus Pathology Consulting
Consultancy in study design regarding pathology 

If you need some advice from an experienced pathologist to set up your study design or the tissue sample collection, feel free to contact us.

Carlus Pathology Consulting
TMA (Tissue microarrays) evaluation

Microscopic examination and evaluation of your TMA in HE staining or immunohistochemistry. 

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